#1: 2017 Re-brand

What better story to tell than our own? From 2014-2016, our agency was known as "Shelly Charles Studios" and we tried to do everything for everyone...from graphic design to web design to photography. Our philosophy was that if someone needed something, we'd say yes and figure it out!

While we still believe in lifelong learning and saying yes, we realized as our revenue dropped that we needed to try something completely different. So we put ourselves through a branding bootcamp and learned that being the best at ONE THING was the way to go. We identified our passion as working with mid-career women entrepreneurs, our talent as branding and design, and our skills as organization and communication. And so Bombshell Creative was born! As you can see from our new logo, we are BOLD, streamlined and clear about what we do and why. And we're working hard to become the best at it. 




I grew up in this beautiful old church in the small town of Bangor, Michigan. I'd heard that their membership has been declining so put in a proposal with their Board of Directors to build a website and a social media marketing plan. The church didn't have any branding or online presence as of January 2015.

Together we launched their new brand as "our little church" and worked to engage all current and previous members. We created a website as well as their new Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages. Today we're so proud to see our little church's membership growing again and more engagement from both old and new members!